Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is what happens when PATD is allowed to design a car.....

As some people already know, Panic at the Disco will be headlining this years Honda Civic tour. They were given the chance to design a car, and here it is, in all its unnessesary glory.

According to the release, the car comes with "cavalcade of tasty enhancement" including a custom-upholstered "time-machine" interior, with burgundy leather door panels and armrests, diamond-patterned leather seats and luxe buttoned headrests. The interior is redone with mocha suede and fitted with a clock as well as gold flourishes throughout. Perhaps even cooler is the crystal knob topping the gear shift.
It's a hybrid as well, so it provides estimated 40 miles per gallon city and 45 miles per gallon highway.